Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fire Charles and Kenny...please!

We have plenty of morons on TV today, especially in the field of sports analysis. In a sports world where John "say the most obvious thing possible" Madden is considered a God of sports broadcasting, do we really have any more room for TNT's ridiculous team of psuedo-analysts? Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith need to be removed, and possibly castrated. Who gives a shit what these two boners think about basketball. Personally, I think if you have an IQ less than 70, you shouldn't be allowed in public, but because I dont run the world...yet...I guess I have no choice but to listen to these dildos. First of all, Charles needs to go to grammer school to learn the basics of normal human communication in the English language. He is so bad I can't even stand to watch his stupid commercials with Dwayne Wade. I cringe every time this big fat man opens his mouth. I know he believes he is dropping bits of basketball wisdom from up high onto the viewing public, but really its just bits and peices of broken ebonic English that anyone who follows the sport could deduce on their own, pending an IQ result higher than that of Sir Charles. Ya know, I will go a little easier on Kenny Smith. He isn't so bad, but he still irritates the hell out of me and needs to be removed as well. TNT basketball rules!!!

Let's all have a good cry for the Spurs

Nothing makes me happier than when the Mavs beat the Spurs. This past Thursday, I got a heaping helping of my favorite occurance here in Dallas. I don't know if you had the chance to watch this game, but it was an absolute ass beating. The mavs beat the spurs in all facets of this game, and deserved the win, no question about it. But what really made me joyous was the play of point guard Devin Harris. Matched up one on one almost the entire game against Tony Longoria, Devin looked like an all-star in the making. Devin made all the right moves, holding Mr. Longoria to a 1 of 11 shooting night. This is not a usual game for Mr. Hollywood, and the reason is simple. Devin owns Tony. Every time these two have matched up, at least for the past 5 regular season games, Devin Harris reigns supreme. He dominates Tony for one reason: he is just faster and more athletic. Mr. L typically dominates the field of point guards, night in and night out, but unquestionably, he struggles against Harris. This point guard matchup is usually the most important in determining the winner of these epic Mavs Spurs matchups, and right now, Harris is the man, and the reason the Mavs have been dominating these matchups the past year or so. Now if only we can solve the problem that is Baron Davis....

Keep starting Devin, keep JET coming off the bench...its working!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome to the Revolution!

Well, its official. This guy has a blog. Ya know, I never really thought I would ever get into this kinda thing. As the last person on earth without a MySpace or FaceBook page, I didn't think I would have any interest in sharing my thoughts and opinions with perfect strangers across the globe. But, here I stand before you today, poised at the precipice of internet oblivion, ready to dive in head first. Anyways, welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading the thoughts of a mavs fan.